Another Silly Ringtone


01/08/2016 by romantepner

Another Silly Ringtone Screenshot

7 thoughts on “Another Silly Ringtone

  1. This is fun, cool reinterpretation! Reminds me of my ex, she had that Nokia ring tone and was very proud of it:)

    • romantepner says:

      Thanks, IBC! Nokia itself ripped off the tune from Spanish guitarist and composer Francisco Tárrega. You can hear the original here: .

      Wish I could play the guitar, Anika Hutschreuther makes it look so easy, doesn’t she?

      • Wish I could play the guitar, too, but I have a permanently broken wrist, so I gave up on that. How many instruments can you play?

      • romantepner says:

        Just keyboard, really. I learnt trombone in school, not really my choice, but all the cool instruments in the orchestra were already covered by other kids. I was never very good at it, my arms were too short, apart from anything else 🙂 . I have a guitar hanging on my wall, and a local instrument, called ‘timple’ (kinda like a ukelele), on a top shelf, both gathering dust. From time to time I make a desultory effort to learn a bit more on one or the other, but I lack the concentration these days. I used to sing tenor in a couple of choirs, but my upper range has gone the way of all mortal flesh now.

        All the music I publish here is ‘faked’ on the computer. It would be wonderful if some genius could integrate a speech-production program with the music software, then I could put words on the vocal stuff. I’m also on YouTube now, and have just today put my first piece on SoundCloud, but I don’t do a whole lot to publicize my ‘work’: it’s not like I need a job, or commissions or anything (not that I’d refuse the latter, if offered!).

        I’ve included a link to your site under the ‘Visual Artists’ rubric.

  2. Sounds like you’re having fun making your music without many expectations. Great way to enjoy life 🙂

    Thanks a lot for the link, I’m working on linking back to you, too!

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