The Reason (poem by Stevie Smith)


23/01/2015 by romantepner

The Reason screenshot

My life is vile
I hate it so
I’ll wait awhile
And then I’ll go.

Why wait at all?
Hope springs alive,
Good may befall
I yet may thrive.

It is because I can’t make up my mind
If God is good, impotent or unkind.

The Reason – Full Score

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2 thoughts on “The Reason (poem by Stevie Smith)

  1. The mp3 link isn’t working maybe it’s just my iPad

    • romantepner says:

      Hi Charlotte,

      I tried it on my tablet (Samsung B593) and also had a problem. It seems that unlike my PC, which plays the file directly when you click on it, the tablet downloads it to memory, then I have to look for it in the “Downloads” folder, and play it from there. Hardly worth the bother, really, the piece lasts less than 2 minutes, and like all my stuff here, is only a Sibelius “mock-up” anyway.

      I checked by playing a couple of video and audio files from your own site, which DO play directly on my tablet, so the problem must lie with the way I post sound files here. I know there’s an alternative way to do it. I’ll try it out, and if that works, I suppose I’ll have to trawl through all the old posts and change them too. Not a task I relish, as I generally take the same minimalist approach to the technical aspects of my website as I do to my housework (-:
      At least Snow White had all those woodland creatures to help her fold her laundry. Still, musn’t grumble, as they say: I expect Scarlatti cursed quite fruitily as well when the keys on his fortepiano got stuck. Thanks for drawing the issue to my attention.

      Here’s a more interesting (to me) technical question. In a piece for SSAA, can I ask my second alto to go as low as D below middle C? (doesn’t have to be loud). She wouldn’t have to go any higher than B flat in the next octave, so I suppose it’s a tenor range really.

      All the best,

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