Taps Dripping In The Night

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01/12/2019 by romantepner

Taps Dripping In The Night
for virtual harp

Tuning: 94 edo

© Roman Tepner 2019 (Opus 40)
Produced using Dorico 2 ® and NotePerformer ®

Taps Dripping In The Night – Download MP3

Taps Dripping In The Night – Full Score

A while back I acquired a relaxation CD entitled “Cave Sounds: cave dripping water with echo”. I regret to report I did not find it as tranquilizing as I had been led to believe by the blurb on the sleeve, which assured me that it was conducive to “relaxation, calm, meditation, sleep, study”. After a few minutes my only thought was: omigod, it sounds like I’ve left three taps dripping in my bathroom. Mine is not a poetic soul, perhaps.

I did eventually slip into some kind of sleep, though it was far from restful, and those faucets followed me into my cavernous watery nightmares. Anyway, I thought I would try to recreate the experience for you, with this piece. After all, why should I be the only one whose rest is disturbed?

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