Hymn to Hecate

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09/02/2020 by romantepner

Hymn to Hecate – download MP3

Hymn to Hecate – Full Score PDF

Ὕμνος εις Ἑκάτην

Εἰνοδίην Ἑκάτην κλῄιζω, τριοδῖτιν, ἐραννήν,
οὐρανίαν χθονίαν τε καὶ εἰναλίαν, κροκόπεπλον,
τυμβιδίαν, ψυχαῖς νεκύων μέτα βακχεύουσαν,
Περσείαν, φιλέρημον, ἀγαλλομένην ἐλάφοισι,
νυκτερίαν, σκυλακῖτιν, ἀμαιμάκετον βασίλειαν,
ταυροπόλον, παντὸς κόσμου κληιδοῦχον ἄνασσαν,
ἡγεμόνην, νύμφην, κουροτρόφον, οὐρεσιφοῖτιν,
λισσόμενοις κούρην τελεταῖς ὁσίαισι παρεῖναι
βουκόλωι εὐμενέουσαν ἀεὶ κεχαρηότι θυμῶι.

I summon Hecate of the Wayside, lovely crossroads-dweller,
she of the heavens, underworld, and sea, saffron-robed,
sepulchral, celebrating Bacchic mysteries with the souls of the dead,
daughter of Perses, lover of solitude, delighting in deer,
nocturnal, protector of dogs, inexorable queen
bull-hunter, ruler and key-holder of all the cosmos,
governor, bride, nurse of the young, mountain-wanderer;
be present with those who pray, Maiden, at the hallowed rites,
gracious to the herd-priest, with an ever-joyful heart.

English translation by https://terpsikeraunos.tumblr.com

Tuning: 38 edo
© Roman Tepner 2020 (Opus 42)
Produced using Dorico 2 ® and NotePerformer ®
Picture: The Triple Hecate, William Blake, 1795

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